Friday, December 29, 2017

Another Teresa Sue Update

January 19, 2016 Teresa Sue's New Acreage!

January 24, 2017 First Winter At Teresa Sue's New Place

May 31, 2017 Teresa Sue Update

Hi Brock!

I've been meaning to get you a reply, but I've been trying to play catchup with everything.

Our address is ........... We are a good hour drive out of St Maries though, to the southwest.  It's actually only approx 22 miles, but it's all dirt road so it takes a while to get here.

We haven't had the snow we had last winter, which here at the top where we are we were just a couple of inches shy of eleven feet of snow last year. We've been just getting an inch here and two inches there until last night.  We got eight inches of snow and now it's warming up and starting to rain on top of that. 

So in this photo we have all this heavy, wet snow coming off the roof.


In this photo you see the lumber that is going to be used next spring to build a roof over the length of the building (60' ), what I'm calling my Idaho veranda 😁.  Then that snow off the roof nonsense will be over, no more shoveling out doorways.

Not a lot has changed outside because we have been working inside so much.  This upcoming year will see a lot of change though as we finish more of the inside work.  I now actually have kitchen cabinets and J installed the kitchen light fixtures. I also have a beautiful new gas stove.  I cooked on a hot plate, crockpot, electric skillet, and toaster oven for over a year so I'm enjoying my new stove!


We still have our trim work, case out the windows and add trim, plate rail, crown, base trim, inside doors, and flooring to do along with a few odds and ends to do.  It's been a busy, busy year.  Slowly but surely it's getting done.  Considering J works 60-70 hours a week at his job, then on the place, I think we're doing great.

Within two weeks we are buying a new tractor with a backhoe and we will be able to get so much done, from digging a gas line for the propane tank to landscaping.  Working on our mile+ road is a priority too. 

We are also hoping to complete a cordwood garden shed, a three sided machine shed, and fence the garden/orchard.  Did you know deer will eat even the prickly vines of a zucchini plant? Yep, they will.  My strawberry bed only survived for the grace of bird netting!😎

As far as getting back east again, the answer is yes.  Maybe a few times even, it just depends on if Autumn and Ruben decide to stay in Virginia when he gets out of the corps.  He's waiting to see if he gets promoted.  If he doesn't he is going to drop his retirement papers.  I certainly would still love to stop and visit with you.

Well, I don't know if there is anything of interest in this to post about, you might want to use last Jan. pics, they rather look the same, haha😄.

In the meantime until spring breaks and I can play on the tractor I'm settling in to work on the family genealogy.  I still have that rebel ancestor to investigate 😄.  I also have some quilting and sewing to do before the outside takes all my time.

Take care!



  1. We managed to do the perimeter of the park but that was enough for Bill to get his mile in today. The night is cooling down and we moved inside at 6 to warm up our leftovers. pet fence

  2. That bread looks good. I will shovel snow for homemade bread and jelly.