Monday, February 5, 2018

Wheelgun vs. Semiauto — Which is the Best for CCW


I was a young cowboy with a fondness for horses, firearms, and pretty girls, in that order. One afore-mentioned pretty girl awaited my arrival across a high mountain pass that guards my Rocky Mountain home, but as my diesel pickup growled its way upward toward the pass I knew I was going to be early for our date. So I geared down and pulled off the highway into a small patch of ponderosa timber. The motor grumbled to a halt and I lifted my most recent crush off the truck seat, it’s long frame svelte and gleaming in the late afternoon light. The action was as smooth as whipped cream sweetened with maple sugar, and I forgot all about my upcoming date. Carrying the curvaceous form a little way from the truck I swung it to eye level and squeezed. A distant twig disappeared with a thunderous crack, and smoke rose in slow spirals from the six-inch barrel of my vintage Colt Python.

I was in love.

My infatuation with six-shooters began early at the hands of Louis L’Amour.


  1. My only two "carry" handguns are a Uberty SAA 5.5 inch in .45 colt and a stock USGI 1911A1. It's like putting a Terrapin under your shirt. But I live in an "open carry" state, and did in fact open carry for 30+ years. So "printing" is pretty meaningless to me. I don't care who knows I'm packing. About the Bru-Ha on the blogs about the 12ga killing with one shot. I know for a fact that if you hit a meat target 20inches thick at contact range, the 12 will make a hole you can see day light through. The meat target will also stagger a good 30 feet before flopping over dead even hitting both lungs and the heart. Unless you hit the spine or brains the 3006 will do no better. I do know for sure that both the .45LC and a 12Ga slug will stop a feral hog in its tracks if you hit it right. ---Ray

    1. Thanks and of course it depends on the ammo used. My 12 gauge has dual loads: 8 00 buckshot followed by a slug but I don't carry that. :)