Saturday, March 24, 2018

Actors Cold Read Gun Facts Off of a Teleprompter

** Quote: “Trump held his nose and signed a crappy spending bill rather than vetoing it and punching back at the establishment in typical Trumpian style.  Don't expect Republican voters to do the same this coming November, holding their noses and voting for politicians who continue to legislate against the will of their voters.  I wonder if this is what the Republican congressional leadership wanted all along.” >> From a fund-the-military standpoint, I understand why Trump signed it.  But I agree with the last sentence; the GOP elites want Trump gone.  Related:
  The Last Tradition – 

Alex Jones explains why President Trump signed the budget bill Patriots stay strong for Trump ** More:
The Last Tradition – 

Blame Paul Ryan for Monstrous Budge Not Trump ** Quote: “Trump was unhappy.  It was plain to see.  But, Ronald Reagan believed if he could only get have a loaf of bread, take it, and get the rest later.  The later comes in six months and the heat has to be put on Paul Ryan starting right now to avoid a repeat of what happened today.” >> More, and an excellent point:
LegalInsurrection –  

Viewing Trump signing Omnibus Bill in context of upcoming confrontations with North Korea and Iran
** I’ll confess, I’m really unhappy with this BS bill with all the pork that Rand Paul outlined; I’m also not happy that Trump signed it.  At the same time, I can see why he did – faced with the least of a bunch of bad choices.  I am afraid, however, that the Dems will take the house, file impeachment charges (which I suspect are already written)…M
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