Saturday, March 24, 2018

Rand Paul And The Shocking HR 1625 Omnibus Spending Bill

Via Nancy

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Kudos to Rand Paul for actually reading the omnibus spending bill and communicating with the American public about its ugly, ugly contents.  Some of the pork spending Rand highlights include

:$12M for scholarships to Lebanon
$20M for Middle East Partnership Initiative Scholarship Program
$12M in military funding for Vietnam
$3.5M in nutrition assistance to Laos
$15M in developmental assistance to China
$10M for Women LEOs in Afghanistan
$10M for disadvantaged Egyptian students
$1.37B (that’s BILLION) for contributions to International Organizations
$51M to promote International Family Planning and Reproductive Health
$7M promoting International Conservation
$10M for UN Environmental Programs
$5M for Vietnam Educational Foundation Grants
$2.579M for committees on Security and Co-operation in Europe
$500M to Jordan for a border wall (another source reported)
$1M for the World Meteorological Organization

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  1. Trump signed a bill he didn't like to get necessary military funding. But Jesus ....

    1. He needs a line item veto and he has stated.

    2. Good idea but Congress will never, ever, concede a line item veto. Too bad. Why are we funding:

      Scholarships to Lebanon: how about scholarships to the US?

      Middle East Partnership Initiative Scholarship Program: I have no idea what it is and suspect most others don't either

      Military funding for Vietnam: The Democrats failed to provide military funding to Vietnam in 1975; why now?

      Developmental assistance to China: I thought we were competing with China.

      Disadvantaged Egyptian students: How about disadvantaged American students?

      Contributions to International Organizations: Probably includes organizations supported by CAIR

      UN Environmental Programs: The UN? Really?

      Committees on Security and Co-operation in Europe: Unless directly related to NATO it's not our problem.

      Jordan for a border wall: What about our border wall?

      World Meteorological Organization: Wonderful. Climate change.

    3. Thanks.

  2. Unlax! We can always whip up a good ole fashioned war with Russia. War's good for the economy...all is well!

    1. My impression is a war with Russia would not be very good for anyone. Not even the economy. Atomic ash has little financial value.

  3. I like that suggestion that some person wrote down here about a line by line veto. In any case, I should mention that President Trump is agreeing to the best deal he can get. There is no question that the Democrats would give much more to our enemies if they could