Saturday, March 24, 2018

NC School District Abandons Gun-Free Zone Dogma, Gets Armed Guards

Law enforcement and school officials in a western North Carolina county have committed to hiring armed security for every school in their district, the Charlotte Observer reported.

During a school security news conference on March 15, Henderson County leaders announced the goal to increase their school’s security in the wake of the deadly shooting last month in Parkland, Florida.

“It is my intention … to have permanently assigned, highly trained and vetted and skilled armed security personnel working in all our public schools,” said Henderson County Sheriff Charles McDonald.

This will include all 23 public schools in the western North Carolina community, located near Asheville, that currently enrolls 14,000 students.


  1. Well they care about their children! Good for them.

  2. Charlie's a good guy and I'm sure he'll work to get this program off the ground. But he is coming up for reelection next November and there's some strong opposition going to try and dethrone him, so positioning for the coming conflict is paramount in his mind.

  3. Rather than arming teachers, one school district in Pennsylvania has decided that children should simply defend themselves, with rocks. The superintendent of Blue Mountain School District in Schuykill County, PA, has placed a bucket of rocks in each classroom. Students have been instructed how to throw the rocks.

    Bringing Rocks To A Gun Fight – What Could Go Wrong


    1. Thanks and I must admit I'd rather have rocks than nothing at all. :)