Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Google " Broward  County Promise Program " there's the problem 

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  1. This is something I think about, probably more than I should. The left is about completely unhinged and believe the propaganda. Look at the gun control propaganda. These will vary some depending on the survey used. According to studies, half of all guns are owned by 9% of the population. According to studies, only one third of households have guns. Two thirds of all households are already unarmed. I doubt either of those are even close to true.

    We see locals, counties, and states passing a hodgepodge of gun restrictions up to actual confiscations. They look at the above studies and believe the lies. They “know” in a Civil War they can win.

    I respect and support our police. However, if they are kicking in doors and confiscating guns. I just honestly, do not know if I could meet them with deadly force. And I guess, I won’t know the answer until/if that day comes.