Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Mexico Agrees To Pay for Wall – Offering Emergency Deal To Close NAFTA Tariff Loophole…


Allow me to introduce:”SUPER-MAGA-NAFTA-WINNING

 This Reuters article is framed around Mexico making a surprise announcement they will support the U.S. steel tariff against China by shutting down the NAFTA back door on that specific trade segment….  However, the bigger story is Mexico’s admission/concession to the U.S. trade position that Canada and Mexico structure access to the U.S. market inside their trade deals with other nations.

With a Marxist about to win the July 1st election; and with certain nationalization of private industry soon to follow; and with free capital markets anticipating and responding by shifting investment into the U.S.; Mexico proposes to close the fatal flaw in NAFTA.


  1. This will put Trump in a good trade position to deal with both Asian and European countries...he has put together a great trade negotiation team. Finally someone that supports the average working Joe and improved job prospects for all of us.