Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Modern Heresy


This case involves the alleged forcible rape by a slave of a white female. It should be kept in mind that the slave’s counsel were white trial lawyers, tried by white judges, and heard by white jurors. This case, which is not the exception in the South, puts to the lie the common narrative that slaves so accused would have been summarily lynched by a white mob. The trial judge’s instructions to the jury, in part, reads:
“It is true that the prisoner is of the African race and a slave, but, so far as this trial is concerned, he has the same rights as a white man. All the rules of law which would apply to a white man, if put upon his trial for the crime of rape, must apply in this case. The laws of this State affix the death penalty to the crime of rape, whether it be committed by a freeman or a slave, and the evidence which has been placed before you has been brought to the test of the same legal principles and submitted to you under the same rules of evidence as would be invoked and applied if a white man were upon his trial.”
These instructions dispel reams of academic lies that slaves were chattel property on the same level of livestock, without legal rights.

Essayist William Deresiewicz recently lamented that modern college students, and college life in general, have become “profoundly unintellectual.” The “snowflake” generation is the byproduct of educational institutionalization. Will this be on the test, and will I get a study guide? Deresiewicz should also indict the faculty and administration who encourage this “unintellectual” environment.

This results in a crop of students who know little more than platitudes, slogans, and chants, and who seek “safe spaces” to be free from ideas or subjects that may cause them “harm.” It might be easy to make fun of these snowflakes, but they have become emboldened by the academy itself and have taken aim at anyone who refuses to toe the modern politically correct line.

Marshall DeRosa has come under attack for doing just that.