Tuesday, May 29, 2018

VICTORY: Tommy Robinson Reporting Restrictions Lifted & Geert Wilders on Tommy


  1. Absolutely amazing, one of America’s closest allies not just stifling free speech. They are censoring reporting of court proceedings. An absolute ban on honest reporting of the news.

    And here in America…Crickets. Not a word on any of the mainstream media. Complete censorship of what is happening. Other then those of us that actually search out news, no one in the United States even heard of Tommy Robinson. Again the question, why?

    I am not even sure, I can call them news media anymore. I get their slavish following of agenda but only to a point. Now their agenda is more important than being able to report. By their silence, they are supporting the censorship of news reporting. Their silence speaks volumes. If they allow this, then they cannot be trusted on anything. They have become nothing but Joseph Goebbels disciples.


    1. They have become nothing but Joseph Goebbels disciples.

      Faithful followers.