Monday, June 25, 2018

"A youthful neck needs no adornment."
My picture of General Pender at Dixieland. His nephew married one of my great aunts.

"I ought not to have fought the battle at Gettysburg; it was a mistake. But the stakes were so great I was compelled to play; for had we succeeded, Harrisburg, Baltimore and Washington were in our hands; and, we would have succeeded had *Pender lived."

*"When his wife learned of his death, she locked herself in a room for three days. When she came out, her dark hair had turned white."  
--General Lee to General G.C. Wharton

When my mother was very young she attended a wedding and Mrs. Pender remarked that her dress was very pretty to which my mother replied that if she only had been allowed to wear her sister's pearls she would have been very happy. Mrs. Pender replied 

"A youthful neck needs no adornment.


Talitha Lucretia Malvina Pippen, my great aunt and her mother Talitha Mayo (Black Irish.) Pippen in 1858 at Dixieland.(The hands of my 2X grandmother make you think she would have worked in the fields.
Dixie's dress for the Hunley Funeral was designed after Lucretia's in this picture. Her mother was said to "rule the plantation" from the front porch at Dixieland as her husband was busy in the political arena. She was so big with tiny feet that she had difficulty walking, so she sat in an arm chair and was moved by two servants whenever she needed to change. A little servant girl sat at her feet to help with needs.

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