Monday, June 25, 2018

With ‘Stand Your Ground’ Veto Threat, Oath-Breaking Kasich Continues Betraying Gun Owners That Helped Elect Him

“Despite pleas from Republican Gov. John Kasich and recent, high-profile shootings, Ohio’s GOP lawmakers would rather pass a “stand your ground” proposal than the governor’s ideas on gun control,” the Cincinnati Enquirer reported Tuesday. “The bill would eliminate a legal requirement to try to retreat before shooting in a public place.”

Naturally prosecutors are against it because it would complicate their jobs and make it harder to bring charges against defensive gun uses.  And even though votes exist in the legislature to override it, Kasich says he plans to veto the bill.


  1. Failed Republican presidential primary candidate Kasich showed his true colors in 2016. He's a liberal swine in Rino clothing.

    1. He's a liberal swine in Rino clothing.

      & may he disappear when his term is up.

  2. John Kasich is and always was a RINO.