Thursday, June 28, 2018

Trump up 10 points among Hispanics, 6 points among Republicans and 4 points among Democrats


President Trump’s approval rating has ticked up to 47 percent in the new Harvard CAPS/Harris poll released exclusively to The Hill, a 2 point hike from last month.

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  1. I'm curious why more don't support him. Dems seem to claim Trump is cutting taxes for the rich.

    Schiff fears we could see socialism in the US, if the economic bubble bursts under Trump:

    For example, trade could be blamed, though in truth trade wouldn't be the cause.

    1. I'm curious why more don't support him.

      I'm amazed that he is around 45% with 99% bad press and I imagine he will go up close to 50 if everything stays the same. I'm sure there are people who don't admit their support who will vote for him just like last time. We'll have to see how the economy goes.

    2. Even though it sounded like I might have nudged you into buying a house, because I kept fear mongering about the economy, I still believe the economy is shaky.

      Trump has acted well for the US economy, especially in cutting regulations (though I hope he hasn't cut too many, because some regulations are of course beneficial). But it was an economic bubble when he took office.

      You understand somewhat how many voters view libertarian ideas as serving the wealthy? They don't want "socialism", but they do recognise how donors use the government for gain. And of course: Voters fear losing what they're already receiving from the government.

      Nuance is very difficult for many voters to pick up. So, when some hear Trump wants to "cut taxes on the rich", it makes me concerned.

    3. I might have nudged you into buying a house,

      Me? I sold my small one near the beach and live at the family place now.

    4. Oh glad to hear. I must have misunderstood.

      I like making my arguments, but sometimes I fear they encourage unintended consequences. I never want to lose anyone money!

      I had been convinced we'd see significant inflation by now. I appreciate that we haven't.

    5. I appreciate that we haven't.

      Same here. Do you ever get to the Land of the Long Leaf pine? :)