Monday, July 30, 2018

Shadow Soldier

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Twenty years ago, I wrote Shadow Soldier a Western historical novel with a literary bent and a Christian message of struggling with faith in a violent land where violence was needed to do the right thing. But, J.D. Wilkes is not perfect and survival is sometimes more important than faith, if even for a short while, but always a reckoning is near.

I have recently put it on Kindle. It took so long to do this, because I had to physically re-write the text into electronic format and believe that selling the electronic edition was worth it. Still not sure if that is true, but here is a link to a sample of the book.


Here is a Sample of the book.

I'm not asking you to buy it, or read it. I have never been sure that my fiction writing was of any interest to those who visit this blog, so I have never tagged this blog with it before. But, since I am spending less time here I know there are friends who will want to keep up with what I am doing and I know I want to keep up with them, but this is the only nexus at present.

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