Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Border security and the death of socialism

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Webb: Border security and the death of socialism
Feb. 15 matters because it is the last day in Washington, D.C., for Congress before they go home. Not only the freshman members, but most members of Congress will have to face their constituents. Yes, some of them may take congressional delegation trips, but their staffs will still be in the district offices. Activists on both sides will activate and advocate. This was a smart move on the administration’s part because whatever happens between the Feb. 5 State of the Union address and Feb. 15 will get back to the local level when Congress goes home. 

Both of these should matter to every American. Security is about our internal protection and the death of socialism in Venezuela could be a bigger tragedy that spreads beyond its borders.

Shutdown showdown d├ętente 

The longest partial government shutdown in our history is over. We are back to the process that needs to be carried out and 15 days from now we will have the next seminal moment.

Some will say that the president caved, others will say that the Speaker of the House and the Democrats won and some will say that the president won. Somewhere betwixt all of the narratives is just reality.

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  1. It is the Shutdown, Showdown, Showtime. Wait, ...wait, ...waiting for it, ...waiting. The suspense is killing me. I know that it takes time to rangle all these "cool hip cats" into a coral or totesack. But DAMN! If it was you or I, they would launch a pre-dawn raid with guns drawn, busting down our doors, and shooting anyone who even remotely looked threatening. Especially the pet Schnauzer, "Pete."

    I TRUST PRESIDENT TRUMP! I don't always immediately like or understand his every move. Sometimes there is even some momentary bluster, and howls of anguish or dismay. But, I TRUST HIM! He has seen all the pieces of the puzzle, whilst we are spoon fed only certain pieces one at a time. His view is the whole picture. We have several segments scattered about the scene, with a few disjointed straggler pieces that seemingly don't match any other piece. We the People MUST TRUST POTUS. Who else is there who could have done all that he has done/accomplished whilst suffering THE MOST VILE ARROGANT EVIL ONSLAUGHT EVER LEVIED against any human being on earth for a long, long, time (Think JOB). All the while he just peers directly into their cameras, and smiles that smile. He exudes supreme CONFIDENCE!

    1. Agreed and it's amazing he's still at 43% today considering the MSM et al.

  2. Brock have you seen this;



    1. :) Thanks.https://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com/2019/01/for-democrats-failure-is-resume-enhancer.html

  3. Funny, Trump supports removing the democratically elected president
    of Venezuela which is the exact same thing they are trying to do
    to him, remove him. One would think he would see the correlation.
    Choosing the government to run Venezuela is not up to the US.
    Maduro claims Trump ordered Colombian government and mafia to kill him. No wonder Maduro is working with the monkey looking Guaido.
    US sanctions are the problem.
    The US is interested in getting control of Venezuela’s oil and gold. Looking at Iraq and Libya — two other oil-rich countries which faced US regime change — it is the major oil companies which are “reaping the benefits” and not ordinary people.

    1. Choosing the government to run Venezuela is not up to the US.
      the major oil companies which are “reaping the benefits” and not ordinary people.

      Per usual.

  4. Lou Dobbs said last nite that "the money was there for the wall;
    but is Trump." A Just Shoot wall would be fine with me.
    12,000 aliens are on their way here now. Unbelievable.