Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Inescapable Anti-Americanism of the Left or A Class at UNC


It’s telling indeed that while everyone, irrespectively of political partisanship, can’t refer to “racism” enough, few people, if any, want to spend any time at all talking about “anti-Americanism.”

The remotely curious should want to know why the topic of anti-Americanism has seemed to have fallen into disrepute.

I have a theory: Democrats and the left would prefer not to discuss anti-Americanism because they know that they themselves are anti-American, and rabidly so.  Republicans and those in the Big Conservative media who serve as their apologists are averse to charging their opponents with anti-Americanism for one or both of two reasons: They want to avoid being counter-charged by the left with something like “McCarthyism” and/or such Republicans know that they themselves couldn’t beat this same allegation if it was hurled back at them.

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