Saturday, August 10, 2019

All The Pretty Girls

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  1. Boy, you ain't lying! Over there or here?

    1. :)Here in Little Saigon. Posted two videos on Facebook which has many relatives including my 2nd wife and her two sisters and one brother who I bought over here in the evacuation. Lord only knows how many are here now 100/200? but legally and of course self supporting. :)

  2. Brock- Where is Little Saigon? Eastern NC?

  3. No, that is in CA near Camp Pendleton where many were housed in a tent city after the evacuation. I lived outside the Mateo gate and visited there usually once a week. Here are a few links. Thanks.
    Vietnam Veteran's Day

    1. Brock, what years were you are Pendleton? 1975 - 1979?


    2. No,I was working at El Toro MCAS but lived in San Clemente where the Mateo gate is at the Southern end. My wife taught ESL at Las Palmas school as there were so many Vietnamese evacuees in the tent city. I have camped on Camp Pendleton for months at a time on San Onofre Beach which back then was $10 a day if no hookups but ocean front. Very convenient as a PX, gas station and commissary were a few minutes away. Also the elementary school was up the hill where Dixie went to pre-school.

      That morning, I took Dixie to Camp Pendleton's San Onofre school. As I approached, there were teachers waiting to say that there would be no school and they told me why. I immediately said "I just complained to the MPs a few days ago about waving the large construction trucks through the gate without checking the interiors." Needless to say, they did after 9/11. And as fate would have it, I had to drive through base and go out the Fallbrook exit and return later that day. Man, did that take forever.

  4. Too bad that all the people that come to this country aren't of this quality.

    1. The difference between day and night. Some more.

      The young man in the middle with his tie at half-mast is Aguna in 2008. His father was a junior officer in the South Vietnamese Navy and accompanied me to TSN for the evacuation flight in April 1975. My wife, one of her young brothers, two of her young sisters, and two of my daughters flew to the PI that day on a C-141 cargo plane. As we were about to leave, he asked if he could go along, and I stated that since his country was still fighting the foe, that I couldn't in good conscience allow this. Fortunately, he escaped along with his entire family as one of the "Boat People" later. Aguna was born on the boat, which was named Aguna, hence his name.

      & more

    2. Not all of them were of that supposed quality. Two examples:

      1) While commercial fishing between Santa Barbara and San Nicolas islands in SoCal, a Vietnamese boat opened fire on us. From a distance varying between a few hundred yards and about 1/4 mile he fired several hundreds of rounds at our vessel. There were less than twenty holes in our boat, all were .22. The USCG was notified at the time. After providing description of other vessel, including vessel documentation numbers, the USCG replied we could file a report at a port of entry. When we did file a written report at USCG Long Beach, with photographs of the offending vessel and bullet holes in our boat, they said it was not high priority. (You mean to say a federally documented vessel being fired upon while in federal waters is not a big deal?)

      This was in the mid-1980s and after the fedgov had set up such people with boats, etc. I led our investigation to find the registered owner of said vessel. It was found to be one of the 'boat people' from VN. Nothing further came of it; that is to say, the USCG dropped it like a hot potato.

      2) I met a young man who was about my same age. I was 18 at the time. He was nice, we struck up conversation. He was helpful and as I was in the area often it became a habit to drop my his shop. It turned out that he owned the shop. This older teenager ran an independent convenience store. Did I mention it was on prime beach front real estate? I became curious, mostly because I was hoping to find a secret for success.

      How did a teenager come to own such a shop? Is he just the manager for his parents? Was it handed down to him? What is it so I may know too.

      No, it was not as mundane as that. It was that fedgov had set him up. The young proprietor explained, they asked what he wanted, he told them, they delivered. And when he needed help, the fedgov was there to help him out.

      Since I had become something of a regular customer, he seemed to trust me. Certainly he trusted me enough to ask that I run drugs for him. It seems he saw something in me. I could manage other runners. All I had to do was say yes.

      I said no. At the drop of the hat, a change in the breeze, a flipped flop, he grew angry and told me to get out. With the classic sign of a finger struck across the neck, he seethed that if I ever say anything he will slit my throat.

      Garden Grove, CA is not far away from the places of my examples. Unless he has grown up there or has very good friend there, round eye is not welcome. GG, CA is where fedgov shipped the boat people.

      I'm glad it worked out for you. As for me I have eyes in the back of my head.


    3. Thanks and of course every nationality has it's bad apples. There are Vietnamese street gangs around there last time I heard. That #1 is a keeper:) and I do know there were some problems in LA with the shrimp vessels and one man is a relative. #2 could also have been set up with gold taken out by his parents as they never trust paper money.

      Here's a great story which is related.

      Vietnamese Kim Thanh Gold Bullion "Bars" Or Leaves
      The incident is one of the most memorable of my career.
      Never before or since has the value of gold in preserving assets been made so abundantly clear to me. It was the mid-1970s. The United States was finally extricating itself from the conflict in South Vietnam. Thousands of South Vietnamese had fled their embattled homeland rather than face the vengeance of the rapidly advancing Communist forces.

      In my Denver office, a couple from South Vietnam who had been part of that exodus sat across from me.

      round eye is not welcome.

      Never experienced that as well as never hearing such.

      GG, CA is where fedgov shipped the boat people.

      It was originally populated with refugees from Camp Pendleton as they left as each was sponsored. They were spread all over the states/world.

      Boat people below who were not sent there and I have never heard that the government sent them there. Back to sponsors. Thanks


  5. MississippiRebel, very true! Our neighbor's across the street in my small Tennessee city are Vietnamese. They are wonderful neighbors and have legally emigrated to become Americans. --Ron W