Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Cartels: Huge problem: Sources suspect family slaughtered targeted: Mormons murdered were victims of a hit or a mix-up

Rhonita Maria Miller and her family At least 13 police officer murdered by drug cartel in Mexico

For all the demands from talking heads that the US deploy military personnel to police tribal disputes along the borders of Turkey, Iraq and Syria, the real border crisis facing the US is happening in our own backyard.

Fact is, the situation in Mexico poses a far greater threat to American security. Our Southern neighbor is rapidly becoming a narco-state run by cartel drug lords.


Sources suspect family slaughtered by drug cartel in Mexico was targeted: report

Mormons murdered in Mexican cartel shootout were victims of a hit or a mix-up: cops


  1. This family has been fighting the cartels for a LONG time. This was no accident... This was to send a message....


  2. With out a doubt the Mormons were targeted. I'm sure the Cartel
    knows every vehicle which resides in the Mormon's village.
    Even though the Mormon's were there long before the Cartel, the
    Cartel are the aggressors wherever they go. I wonder who made
    up the 'mix-up' excuse.
    Brock, don't forget to watch Col. MacGregor tonite on Tucker.

    1. Thanks and what time is it? It ought to be on YouTube.

    2. Tucker comes on at 8:PM on Fox but there is a rally so
      I don't know where it will lead.

    3. Col. MacGregor appeared on Tucker; the first part of the
      show. Col. MacGregor said it would be a mistake to go
      into Mexico as it would create a war in the US, i.e. Cartel,
      MS13 and other gangs. He said make no mistake, this
      massacre was intentional. Basically, he said until there
      is a wall, the Cartel will storm over the border.

    4. & or Mexico and the US declare all out war against them. Certainly, in the long run, there would be lives saved. The Mexican president has declined because he is getting paid off by the cartels.

    5. Yep, that is what I was thinking too regarding being paid-
      off. It is said that 80% of Mexico is on the Cartel side.

    6. Really, the best way to stop this which will have all up in arms, is to make all drugs legal from your local pharmacy.

  3. This documentary was made in 2012 during Romney's Failed Attempt at becoming the 45th president of the USA. It was quite informative and interesting. I haven't seen anything else like it. Well Done. There probably isn't much change in what is happening there today. IMHO, this does sound like a revenge hit though. It is a tragic and sad state of affairs. I saw a lot of orchards and fields of crops well watered and vibrant. I wonder, does this community produce the food for themselves and/or the locals? Do they export to the U.S.? An updated documentary might be in order. Probably pretty hairy there right now. Thank You Senior Brock.

  4. Great documentary. It males sense that Mormons moved to Mexico to freely practice their religious preferences, particularly polygamy. I wondered why Mitt Romney said his father was born in Me'ico. Makes sense now. And it gives some background for the horrific murder. --Ron W

  5. I've been watching interviews of those close to the victims and can't get past how "not bothered" they all seem. Might as well be talking about the weather. Odd...