Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Virginia Has Fallen: Goodbye Confederate Monuments

Via Billy Bearden

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Everybody, pay your last respects to Virginia. What a trip it has been, Old Dominion, you who defied tyrants, who gave our nation its greatest founders. Virginia of the Cavaliers, who brought lofty principles to the new republic, who led with honor. Virginia, now to be sacrificed on the altar of socialist destruction.

Weep and mourn for Virginia, helplessly in the hands of destroyers. How the mighty have fallen....


  1. At least NC is no longer a valley of humility between two mountains of conceit.

  2. Geographically the blue areas are small and isolated. Population density is what you are seeing. If you didn't know where your left liberal scum lived in the state, you do now. Oregon and Washington States show the same down the I-5 Freeway corridor. Left libs high density and the rest of the states bright cherry red and better area to live except for the seat of government in the blue areas and having to put up with insane laws and fatwas coming from hence.

  3. Same as in Texas. The large cities are the cesspools of socialism.

  4. Abraham Lincoln looks up from the flames and smiles.

    1. Yup, they would ban his favorite tune these days, Dixie. :)

    2. Interestingly, I had an ankle biter come leave a comment at my place (on an entirely different topic) about my reply here. It seems that I'm a "cuck" or something. Goes by the handle of "agadfly Jr.". You might want to keep your eye peeled and be ready with the ban hammer.

      Got to love the Internet and all the bold keyboard warriors. Too bad that you and I can't live up to their level, amirite?

    3. Oh yes and he has other names also. 4 today and I I still have this one.

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  5. Demographic shift was predicted. We needed a wall... on the Potomac, 50 years ago to keep people from high tax states from migrating here.