Wednesday, November 6, 2019

What is Southern Agrarianism and why are we here?

Via David

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It is a Traditional Way of Life – The Southern Agrarian movement, born in the 1920’s, is rooted deep in Southern soil. It goes back to the English Cavalier culture with its system of aristocracy and social hierarchy. Its adherents have often been known as Country Gentleman and Southern Gentleman or Lady. The need to return to this simpler, more noble, more orderly, more self-reliant way of life has never been greater than it is today. Southern Agrarianism is a cultural movement and a way of life.

It is being Close to the Land – It is enjoying the bounty from one’s own garden, savoring a breakfast of fresh eggs gathered from the back yard chicken flock, and picking a sweet, juicy peach from a tree you planted. Southern Agrarianism is about being rooted in the land – not being a dependent cog in the complex machine of urban life.