Monday, November 25, 2019

"I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve."

Via Susan Lee

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"Outside Pulaski, Virginia administration building. Board of supervisor meeting to discuss 2nd amendment."


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  1. This is the peaceful part. Politicians - ignore it at your own peril.
    Overheard - "It would have been just as easy to show up and burn this place to the ground. They better listen to us."
    I'm sure he was serious - it was said quietly with determination. And all the grim faces around him nodded in agreement.
    Red in OleVirginny

    1. Thanks.

    2. The blood of the people who founded this country still runs in the veins of those people. They took on one super power, their better armed this time.

    3. All the nation needs is a tinderbox

  2. Well Damn Brock, In all these pictures, I didn't see anyone carrying pitchforks, torches, or rope. Their concealment must be very, very good. I'm talking Stellar Stealth Level 10.

  3. Imagine the scene if it was Planned Parenthood, and Abortions, that they were trying to take away. What would that MOB Scene look like? What would the lobby of that Building look like afterwards? How about if they were calling the whole LGTBQ-M-O-U-S-E Pseudo-Science thing, CRAZY and ILLEGAL? Or perhaps if their decision was to CARVE THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, upon all GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS, Rename City Streets for Biblical Characters, Places and Events? Open and Close the meetings with a HEARTFELT CHRISTIAN PRAYER and the Pledge of Allegiance? What if they DECLARED THAT CLIMATE CHANGE is JUST A POWER GRAB and Really just BULLSCHITT PSEUDO-SCIENCE? I wonder how that scenario would compare to what happened there with those AMERICAN PATRIOTS were attending the meeting.

  4. Good! Fill those politicians and bureaucrats with sphincter tightening fear and dread! People are waking up now and we ain't gonna take it anymore. Brock, the trigger event is near, you can feel it in the air and in the faces. I bought popcorn futures, did you?