Friday, April 24, 2020

Cooper’s 3 Phase Plan to Keep NC Shutdown for Months

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As this drags on, more and more will see no other choice than to ignore the executive order’s cumbersome matrix of metrics, and simply reopen or reengage their business in order to save their livelihoods. Our guess is that it will only be after a healthy and obvious level of civil disobedience that Governor Cooper actually moves to return the state to some semblance of normalcy.
Governor Roy Cooper extended the ‘Stay-at-Home’ order Thursday. The headline date on that extension is May 8. So, at first glance at the evening news it appeared to be merely another week or so under this un-American lockdown. Closer inspection of Cooper’s three phase, top-down, one-size-fits-all plan really sets us up for months more of isolation decrees from the government.

Rick Henderson points this out at the Carolina Journal:
“North Carolinians face a few more months of at least partial isolation, based on recommendations Gov. Roy Cooper made at a Thursday, April 23, news conference. […]
Cooper and Cohen based the guidelines loosely around recommendations announced earlier this week by the Trump administration. But the timetables put North Carolina at a competitive disadvantage with neighboring South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. Those states either plan or have planned to relax some of their restrictions on commerce and mobility within a few days or weeks.
Cooper’s plan has the state gradually reopening businesses and social gatherings under a three-phase system. Perhaps after May 8. “It will depend on the facts and the data and the science” before the first phase of reopening begins, he said.


  1. Keep the frightened sheeple in their pens utilizing a Corona sheep dog mandates Commissar Cooper. And the ensuing baa's echo throughout the countryside.

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  3. It seems like theres a bunch of states preaching the 3 Phase Plan message.
    OH, PA, NY, etc.
    In Ohio, there is the goofy looking Guvner DeWhine with his labcoat sidekick Dr. Amy.

    1. Trump initiated it of course, but Emerald Isle for instance, is going to open up next week, so that is hopeful. People with guaranteed incomes are the most wanting extended lock downs, well screw them.