Saturday, May 23, 2020

Return to Vietnam, 45 Years Later (Don't Miss It)

I picked 'Maggie' up in my cab in Laguna Beach, CA once from the Boom-Boom Room. She was very nice and gave me her *autograph. The Boom-Boom Room was a gay joint but had excellent food.  Don't remember where I took her though.
* I need to find it. 


  1. Hi, Brock. Wishing you a peaceful and nostalgic Memorial Day.

    1. Thank you and the same to you. I'm sitting at the computer watching Foxy trying to dig out his tennis ball which went in a depression under his dog house. :)

    2. Must be funny to watch as they won't give up. Helping to
      develop critical thinking skills. :>)

    3. When it rains a lot he goes around digging holes. :)

    4. How many battles were won because the victor either fortified their defenses or made an assault when the enemy did not expect it because of inclement weather?

      As I alluded recently, training should take full advantage of snotty weather. To the point that men become comfortable in the slag.
      God comfort the fallen.


  2. For Foxy:
    Foxy can forget it; he'll never win that battle.
    Is it raining a lot there? Sure his here in Western NC.
    Every day. Gardens won't stand a chance with no sun.

    1. No rain now but was a good deal before. I like CCR and thanks.

  3. Brock, check out this video of a blk.Shepherd type dog attacking a
    possible criminal. He has latched on and won't let go. Usually
    pit bulls do this but he must be a Carolina Foxy dog.
    Some interesting videos on this site.

    1. Whoa! Although pure bred Carolina Dogs come in 5 different colors (Amazing in itself) and there is a black and tan one that looks like a Doberman except the Doberman's ears have to be cut so they will stand up though a Carolina dog's come that way naturally, (If not, then it's a fault) the dog in the picture isn't a Carolina dog as they would never attack like that. They have an extreme pack mentality and are meat eaters so would only attack together if the prey is big. They are a good watch dog but not one that will defend you. Thanks.

    2. Me, I want a dog who will defend me. My Dobie would
      stand between me and whomever I was talking with.
      Dobie's have a natural defense mechanism. One morning,
      after nite auditing, I had left my keys in the door.
      This was out in the country. A man appeared at the
      bedroom door, I was already in bed. My Dobie stood up
      on the bed, stiff as a board, staring at the man.
      The man left stating "you left your keys in the door."
      Didn't know the man or had I ever seen him before - he followed me home. Sort of unsettling.

  4. Hi Brock!!
    'Remember someone goin' on down in the trenches and noting "Martha Rae!!" doing NURSE WORK and flipping out and she grabbed the MIL Nurse insignia on her lapel and flashed it to him to either help out or get "TF" out of the way...
    BTW she is buried in the FT. Bragg CEMETERY!! With her TROOPS!!!!

    1. she is buried in the FT. Bragg CEMETERY!

      I didn't know that the last time I went there in 2006 for the 216th Graduation Class with my friend NAGO to hear Drew Dix speak.