Friday, July 31, 2020


Via Ralph
Ohio Board of Pharmacy to prohibit use of hydroxychloroquine and ...

Dear Mr. Kolodny,

Below is a comment to your article in the TN Star about the Ohio pharmacy board's attempt to ban HCQ, and the Governor intervening to reverse that.

I question how a drug that's been in widespread use worldwide for over 65 years can be called "controversial", especially since it has proven itself safe and effective? And what exactly is the "controversy" concerning the cellular mechanisms by which HCQ and zinc attack the virus? If you watch the first 15 minutes of the second session of the linked summit, you will see exactly how HCQ with zinc attacks the virus and prevents its replication. It is not only a preventative, but also a proven cure, especially in the early stages of the disease. The physicians presenting in that summit described thier front line experience with the drug, not some offhand comment unsupported by fact. The "fake science" attacking HCQ was so blatant that two leading medical journals had to retract the articles within 2 weeks.


If you watch the first 15 minutes of the second session of the summit conducted by Americas Front Line Doctors (link below), you will see the 5 different mechanisms by which hydroxychloroquine attacks the virus. It is not only a preventative, but a cure, especially when combined with zinc. Anyone can have an opinion, it is much more difficult to dispute fact.

Other presentations during that session detailed how physicians are being attacked by their state medical boards for prescribing hydroxycholorquine, and how the pharmacy boards are thwarting the efforts of physicians who prescribe it by refusing to fill the prescriptions - which is unprecedented arrogance on the part of the pharmacists.

Also, the virus has proven itself only slightly more infectious and no less lethal than the seasonal flu. So enough already, get the facts, and get back to your lives. Here's a link to a site that has compiled evidence world wide to support that assertion - the opposing argument is based on irrational fear, offhand comment, and unsupported hyperbole, nothing else. Check it out:


  1. A blind man could see this is all 100% political.

    Effective treatment would reduce rate of infection. There would be no cause to keep people isolated. People would return to work. There would be no need for mail-in voting. Gone would be the ability for the commies to cheat in the election. President Trump is reelected.

    Of course there is no right cause now and voter fraud will still remain but you get the gist. The commies cannot allow the people to freely move about, that way they can still pretend there is a huge crisis just waiting to exact destruction and death upon the people.

    And yes, they are commies. The D party is overtly evil more so than ever before.

  2. And yes, they are commies. The D party is overtly evil more so than ever before.

    Thanks and they are all commies as you say but I imagine some don't think so.