Friday, July 31, 2020

The Battle at Hua Cu 11 October 1967, II Corps

Via Tuan Hoang


 The following narrative by FAC Dick "Dusty" Coyner describes a close air support mission he flew in II Corps (central South Vietnam) in 1967.   Captain Coyner was based at Qui Nhon in support of the 3rd Battalion, 22th Infantry Brigade, Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN 3/22th) in Binh Dinh Province.   Definitions of some terms and abbreviations have been added in brackets "[   ]."   Otherwise, the words are his.   The bold areas of the text introduce actual radio transmissions recorded by Coyner during this mission.  



  1. Wow! There, men. There is courage. Herb 13 using himself to draw fire to mark the site. Very haunting. However, I would be proud to be part of such a team.

    1. Yes and there were virtually no protections in the Bird Dogs.