Monday, March 1, 2021

The Branch Davidians

 Via David



.......the ATF decided to flex its muscles live on CNN to make Bill Clinton and Janet Reno look like tough and abused every rule crafted for the war on drugs to raid the Davidians’ compound like they were invading Iraq.

The result was 76 people including 25 children being burned to death as the news cameras rolled.

The Waco seige and Ruby Ridge the year before caused the Oklahoma City bombing and the rise of the anti-government militia movement of the 90s.

So with Biden threatening to take our guns, an ideological purge of the military,and armed troops and barbed wire in DC, maybe the ATF can just quietly let this one not be remembered.

Because right now it really looks like military, US government is gearing up to go Waco on the rest of America.


  1. The initial investigation and probably the raid planning took place under Daddy Bush starting in June 1992. The siege and final holocaust took place under the control of the FeeBI. All Federal law enforcement other than border control should be disbanded. The Feebs are dirty top to bottom and always have been.

  2. When you militarize the FBI and other non military agencies you get military type responses.

  3. When no one is held accountable for mass murder, is it likely to encourage it or discourage it?

    Y'all have a nice.

  4. This is what THEY think of the troops. Yet, the troops will kill us
    for THEM. Like one turd stated, "dumb, stupid, animals. Could it be