Monday, March 1, 2021

Using Children As Passports - Jorge Ramos Teaches Mass Asylum Fraud


Via John "This is absolutely absurd.  That the greatest and most powerful nation on earth should no longer have borders.  A few questions are clearly in order:1) Who authorized Mexico Joe to effectively erase the US southern border, thereby ending the USA as a sovereign nation? 2) Likewise, on whose legislative authority has he suspended the enforcement of US Immigration Law3) Finally, who made this dementia victim an absolute tyrant and dictator working in the interest of everyone BUT the citizens of this country?"

 Jorge Ramos of Noticias Univision (Univision News) actually provides a pretty good explanation of how parents abuse their children in order to (fraudulently) gain easy entry to the US to ultimately live as illegals. Ramos is teaching how to commit asylum fraud. He points out that all they have to do is pass a low-bar “credible fear” test. If they have a child with them they are released within 21 days into the U.S. as required by the “Flores Settlement”, Supreme Court case law from the 1997. At the time this was written, they are often being released within a 24 hours, due to the Covid pandemic and legal health requirements.

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  1. And birth right citizenship.

    Since we don't value our own citizenship why should anyone else?