Saturday, May 8, 2021

Another Massive Battle Flag Rises in Virginia As Southerners Commemorate Confederate History and Heritage Month Across the South

The Va Flaggers and the 10th Platoon, 2nd Btn, Co A Va SCV MC raised and dedicated the Rockbridge County Soldiers Roadside Memorial Battle Flag at Goshen last month, in a private ceremony on private property. About 100 faithful Confederate heritage supporters gathered to celebrate the 160th anniversary of Virginia’s secession, commemorate Confederate History and Heritage month, and dedicate the 12’x18’ Confederate Battle flag on a 40’ pole to the Glory of God and in honor and memory of Rockbridge County’s Confederate Veterans.

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  1. Outstanding!

    Brock, any further word of that monument which was to be moved and they had said they would pay to move it to him who wanted it? Back then, I suggested that you take it if no one else stepped forward.

  2. As a born and raised Yankee, it broke my heart whenever I saw on the news the attack on Confederate statues and other historical heritage memorials. I love our history, regardless and I believe 99.5% of the rest of America does as well. Wouldn't it be great to rededicate the removed statues onto private properties?

  3. Norton Security keeps saying it's blocking a malicious attack from "" when you visit Va Flagger's site, now...

  4. Battle Flag

    By the way, the Battle Flag is square.