Saturday, May 8, 2021

Just in time for Confederate Memorial Day in North Carolina: 1932 Chevrolet Confederate - $39,995

1932 Chevrolet Confederate  for Sale $39,995 

 When you want a '30s-style classic that's more distinct than a Ford, the Chevy is the right way to go. But nearly 90 years later, we are reminded that not all were created equal or treated the same. That's why we get excited about this 1932 Chevrolet Confederate. It's a vivid two-tone classic that even has some awards under its belt.

The red with maroon roof and accents is a distinct and sophisticated style that will get this Chevy noticed. It's a glossy finish that was part of this car's comprehensive restoration about 15 years ago. You know this was quality work, because this is an AACA senior award winner. And when you do something high-quality, the value endures. That's why this car continues to impress, right down to details. The body panels align with care; the chrome and stainless look great; and you have a bright set of whitewalls, including the spare mounted to the rear. And speaking of the wheel, the straw color is bright enough to draw extra attention to the classic wire construction and cool Chevrolet center caps. Plus, the yellow coordinates with the full body pinstripe for a thoughtful total presentation.

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