Thursday, March 21, 2013

Russian Federal Security Service v. "Gimrinsky" Gang 20-21 03 2013

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In the course of working off-line information on the possible whereabouts of the FSB "Gimrinsky" gang, it has been alleged the hideouts of bandits. A few houses down the street Moscow settlement Samandar on the outskirts of Makhachkala, which could be gangsters, have been blocked by special units of the FSB and the Interior Ministry.

It is known that the leader of "Gimrinsky" gang Gadzhidadaev Ibrahim and his gang were involved in a number of crimes committed in Makhachkala and in Untsukulsky district of Dagestan. In particular - to participate in the murder of the deputy minister of Dagestan in 2005, and three police officers accompanying him, nine villagers Gonod Gunibsky district in 2007. Total gang leaders he personally participated in a total of more than 30 murders of law enforcement officers, prosecutors, deputies, representatives of governments and other authorities. Together with other gangsters he provided numerous armed robberies and robberies, extortion of money from businessmen and kidnapping.

In the area of ​​law enforcement actions OP entered the legal regime of the CTO.

In order to prevent potential victims from the civil population the evacuation of residents of nearby houses, which have led to withdraw from the area of ​​the possible clash of four women, two teenagers and five children. Security forces were also able to take steps to defuse tensions caused by provocative statements of individuals are essentially accomplices thugs who accused the law enforcement agencies in taking inadequate measures, tried to break through the cordon to block traffic on Avenue Aushinskogo in Makhachkala and provoke unrest.

Is in the house the bandits were asked to lay down their arms and surrender. However, they took refuge in an underground bunker under the house.Around 22.00 the active phase raid. Special f

orces began to storm the building. As a result of the clashes, which lasted throughout the night, in the bunker militants were neutralized. During the fire contact with the bandits killed one officer Rosny Russian FSB, the other two were injured. Taken steps to find another law enforcement officer.

Currently being neutralized identification bandits.

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