Friday, March 22, 2013

The Lessons of Cyprus: NRD’s Asset Seizure Risk Cube

NRD has been quiet since Cyprus broke over the weekend, when we were outraged at the news, but that does -not- mean we haven’t been following it very closely – very much to the contrary. It’s a fluid situation so we won’t rehash it, except to commend the inspired tirade against the blatant ECB/Socialist heist by Lars Seier Christensen here.

If the Cyprus episode promised to be isolated, we wouldn’t worry about it. But it’s not going to be isolated. It is a reconnaissance in force by the global socialist allies of the Regime for the next phase in the collectivist agenda: moving beyond mere income taxation (against which going Galt is a defense) to outright asset confiscation.

In navigational terms, what’s terrifying here isn’t so much the Regime’s heading; rather, it’s the velocity. Things are speeding up and we need to be ready.

Sometimes when things speed up uncomfortably, it is worth taking a few minutes to pause and refresh on some clear analytics about what is going on. Good battlefield intelligence is the foundation for an effective defense.

To that end, NRD is pleased to present the Asset Seizure Risk Cube for your review and use. Unless you are a monkey who has stumbled upon this post by pure accident, yes, Rhodie, you have seen something very much like this before. It’s the excellent and original Bracken CW2 Cube, applied as a tool to evaluating asset capture risks under conditions of socialism.

The ASR Cube (full PDF here) has three axes:

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