Tuesday, May 28, 2013

HB 937 Radio Campaign Targets UNC President


HB 937 Radio Campaign Targets UNC President

GRNC radio spots countering UNC opposition to HB 937 will run in Raleigh, Greensboro and Asheville

University of North Carolina president Tom Ross continues to fight campus carry provisions of House Bill 937. As you recall, the bill, which passed the NC House and now resides in the Senate, contains restaurant carry, a limited measure for guns in locked vehicles on state university campuses, and other pro-gun initiatives.

When HB 937 received its hearing in a House Judiciary Committee meeting, representatives for NC State testified that it would hinder campus security's efforts to "protect" students, echoing opposition previously expressed to the media by Ross. Just hours after their testimony, however, a student was raped outside the NCSU Free Expression Tunnel and, two days later, another was robbed at knife point near Reynolds Coliseum, demonstrating clearly that UNC can't "protect" students, who must therefore be allowed to protect themselves.

Next, the Civitas Institute revealed that Ross was previously director of the hard-left Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation which funded, among other "Blueprint NC" causes, North Carolinians "Against Gun Violence." Moreover, two UNC campuses -- Chapel Hill and Elizabeth City -- are under federal investigation for under-reporting violent crime, including sexual assaults. The chancellor of ECSU just resigned due to the scandal.

GRNC radio campaign

Airing on WPTF (Raleigh), WPTI (Greensboro), WWNC (Asheville) and WMYN (Eden) and directing input to Senate leadership, GRNC's radio spot, with graphics, can be viewed by CLICKING HERE .

You can catch the GRNC radio spots all week long on the following shows:

WPTF 680 AM and 850 AM (Raleigh) The Morning Drive, The Bill LuMaye Show (WPTF only)

WPTI Rush Radio 94.5 FM (Greensboro) The Morning Rush, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity

WWNC News Radio 570 AM (Asheville) Gregg Jensen, Rush Limbaugh

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