Friday, August 30, 2013

The Empty Chair Strikes Back: Obama Doesn’t “Consult” With Congress On Syria, Meets With Magic Johnson Instead

Via WiscoDave

There has been a lot of discussion that the President hasn’t even spoken to Congress on Syria, let alone brought the matter to Congress for approval, as is required by the Constitution. Remember this tweet from Ted Cruz yesterday?

So last night there was an administration conference call with several Congressional leaders to “consult”.

Oh, invitation-only, by the way. Here is a list of the 26 people invited to the Friends of Barack meeting
Even the most basic of town hall meetings is required to follow the Sunshine Law. The discussion was unclassified. So why is this not before the rest of Congress in a open public meeting?

We have discussion of how we will strke, leaking like a sieve, but discussion about why, being conducted in the dark. Even Britain realized the necessity of bringing the matter to Parliament for an open discussion. And they don’t have our Constitution.

Susan Rice, with all her usual aplomb, tweeted about it.


  1. High level meeting on golf course with Tiger also. John Daley couldn't make it.
    Valerie Jarrett consulting with Louis Flagget-con on how best to intimidate Putin, Chicago style.
    All working according to master plan.... yeah, right.