Monday, November 25, 2013

Crimson Trace – $129 Defender Series Laser for Glock/XD/LCP/S&W – Video Review

Carrying a handgun or having one at hand in the home for defense is a smart thing.  It provides an invaluable tool with which good lives can be saved.  But it is all for nothing if we can’t place the shots where it counts.  Half-dozen missed shots might scare off some threats, but not all.  Well placed shots are needed to immobilize a threat and keep you and your family safe.  Enter technology – the laser sight.  It’s like GPS for your bullets.

And when you think of laser sights, you think of Crimson Trace.  A pioneer in civilian and law enforcement aiming tools, Crimson Trace has earned its place at the top by providing high-quality products at reasonable prices for a wide variety of firearms.  Now, when I say ‘reasonable prices’, I don’t mean cheap.  A decent laser sight for your pistol has been a decision that would set you back a few hundred bucks easily, making it a hard purchase to justify for a lot of folks.  For 2013 however, Crimson Trace has created a new model line to address the market for a lower-cost but fully functioning laser sight.  At a list price between $129 and $149, or roughly the price of a good set of night sights, you can now equip your self-defense handgun with an easy-to-use laser. it is currently available for all Glock and Springfield Armory XD/XD-M handguns, as well as the Ruger LCP and most Smith & Wesson and Taurus J-Frame and small revolvers.

I took a detailed look at the new Crimson Trace Defender Series (CT-DS) using two versions – one for most Glock models, which I mounted on the G17; and one for the Springfield XDM platform, which I mounted on a XDM Compact. Installing the DS is a pretty simple process –

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