Monday, November 25, 2013

Illegals march across classified military base

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 An investigative report from an Arizona television station reveals illegal aliens routinely are marching across a classified military base in order to enter the U.S., and the military’s perspective is that it’s not the Department of Defense’s responsibility to chase down invaders.

The report comes from KVOA-TV in Tucson, which reported that the fort, which is the home to the U.S. Army Intelligence Center and the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command, is having hundreds, perhaps thousands, of illegal aliens come across its 73,000 acres.

The site is located in the Huachuca Mountains only a few miles from the border with Mexico, and its location and uses should be a concern to Americans, according to a former Border Patrol agent.

“I think the average American should be petrified,” Dave Stoddard, a former supervisor of the federal border agency, told the station.

“That smuggling operation going through there is very, very sophisticated. They’ve been getting by with it for years. They know the formula. They know the routine,” he said.

The military is unconcerned.

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  1. I went through AIT at Ft Hauchuca in 1967. It is the US Army signal center. In one of the Tom Clancy movies there is a clip of a well guarded and very well fenced facility with a lot of antennas brimming from the building. I spent a bit of time in the building during training toward the end of AIT. It required most of AIT to get a clearance to get into the facility. It was all interesting but I never used any of the information again. The post did have a very nice library that I much enjoyed, especially all the 33rpm records and helped maintain my sanity. The town outside the gate was Sierra Vista, known locally as sorry vista. A weekend pass would take you to Tucson or Nogales. Triple X beer was great along with enchiladas.

  2. Triple X beer was great along with enchiladas.

    Dos Equis green is my favorite down there. Used to go camping for a month at a time in Baja about half way to the Blowhole. Loved it. Got lobster off the boats in the morning and fish in the afternoon.