Friday, November 1, 2013

Standing For Liberty presents Freedom Rising on Sunday Night


This is your Executive Director Larry Pratt with a special announcement!

This election cycle is going to be one we cannot leave our musket on the wall for.  We need to stand up and fight like we have never before.  This is why we are teaming up with Standing for Liberty for a very special fundraiser.

Here is how you can help us and spread the word in your community.  I will be in Tulsa, Oklahoma to speak along with Congressman Jim Bridenstine, Rev. Rafael Cruz (father of Sen. Ted Cruz), Lt. Col. Oliver North, and musical talent Krista Branch, this Sunday November 3rd for an event called “Freedom Rising,” brought to you by

(The event will go from 4pm - 6 pm CST.)

We have set up a special link, , where you can help us raise money by participating in a live stream/pay per view for Gun Owners of America.

It is important that we have your correct email when you purchase your ticket for $10.00 (plus a $1.54 fee);The correct email is a requirement for receiving the special code to join the event online.

I want to thank you for your activism and for helping to support Gun Owners of America.


Larry Pratt
Executive Director

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