Friday, November 1, 2013

TSA agent shot dead at LAX

A gunman walked into Terminal 3 at Los Angeles International Airport Friday morning and opened fire at a security checkpoint, killing a Transportation Security Administration officer and wounding at least three other people, law enforcement sources tell CBS News.

The gunman “took an ‘assault rifle’ out of a bag and began to open fire into the terminal,” according to Patrick Gannon, the airport’s chief of police.

“He proceeded into the screening area and went past the screeners into the airport itself. Police tracked the individual through the airport and successfully took him into custody,” said Gannon at a news conference.

Law enforcement sources told the Los Angeles Times that the gunman was a TSA employee at LAX.

More with video @ WND


  1. Who's screening the screeners?

  2. With all the policies, and signs, and checkpoints, and government employees standing around, this still happened?

    A sane person would rethink the whole approach to security. Unfortunately, what we'll get will be more of the same, harder. It won't end until Americans can't board a commercial flight unless they're naked and wearing a muzzle. And these kinds of airport shootings will still happen anyway.

    1. Yes, I've read that the Ben Gurion Airport is the safest in the world and they profile. Figures.