Friday, March 14, 2014

Navy Warship 'Accidentally' Fires Torpedo At Nuclear Dockyard

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"Had the thing been armed it would have let out a 200-metre blast...You could be talking about a major loss of life," one source noted as The Telegraph reports British military chiefs have launched a major investigation after a Royal Navy warship accidentally fired a torpedo at a nuclear dockyard.

Workers watched in disbelief as the tube-shaped projectile flew through the air before blasting a hole in a security fence and slamming into a storage container. "Someone has obviously pushed the button, presumably by accident - the big question is who," as the Royal Navy stiff-upper-lippedly stated "during a training exercise, an inert Test Variant Torpedo unexpectedly jettisoned onto the wharf. There was no explosion and no casualties." Perhaps they should stay away from the Black Sea for a while - just in case.

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