Friday, March 14, 2014

Trainset for free

From Carteret County Homeschoolers
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An acquaintance is moving to a smaller house and has a basement full of a train set that needs a new home. This is way too big for most peoples homes and not a toy - it is something a museum or other institution that caters for kids could set up for their entertainment. 
The owner has offered it to some museums already, but so far they haven't even looked at it. It is a fabulous display that cost a fortune, took years to assemble and I'm sure it would enthrall most kids. The owner is pretty despondent about scrapping it all
It is available free, to whoever can use it. If any of you know of any museum, church, club, hospital etc that would welcome such a nice donation and could find the space to set it up (+/- average living room size) - please talk to them and let me know. I told the owner that, between you all, you must know every institution in the area that caters for kids. Please ask around.


  1. There is a train museum here in Minnesota. It is the
    Twin City Model Railroad Museum at Bandana Square, Saint Paul, MN‎
    Twin City Model Railroad Museum at Bandana Square, 1021 Bandana Blvd, Saint Paul, MN ... Main Layout at Bandana Square ... Toy Train Division Hours ...

    1. The Houston Children's Museum, Houston, Texas
      might be an interested party.

    You might try these guys, I know that they do big displays around Christmas etc. and would probably be very interested.

  3. We have a model train museum not far from me here in Iowa. I sent them an email about this. Here is their website.


  4. Brock, there is a model railroad group in Bern that does
    yearly shows for kids and has a club building with a big display.
    I've never been to any of their events but I know they are active
    and could probably help. Let me know. I'll try to put you in touch with them.

    1. Thanks, I believe it is gone, but I'll let you know if it isn't. Thanks. Wish I had the room.:)

  5. Here you go.