Monday, March 24, 2014

The Southern States Started The Civil War By Attacking The Northern States



& just wait for Commie Core's view

At least that's what some elementary public school students are being taught here in Virginia. Even if one considers the firing upon Fort Sumter as what "stared the Civil War", it is quite a leap - and extremely misleading - to state that "the southern states attacked the northern states. This started the Civil War." Taken at face value, and not knowing any better, one would assume this means the Confederacy invaded northern states. Granted, getting into the complicated issues of causation is a bit heavy for 7 year-olds; however, making this misleading statement does a disservice to their understanding as well.

The image below above was sent to me by a concerned parent of a second grader here in Virginia.
 The book was assigned to his son. The image is of a page taken from the "Easy Reader Biographies" series title: "Abraham Lincoln: A Great American President, A Great American." The author, Violet Findley, has written other juvenile titles including Phonics Bingo Ladders. Wonderful.


  1. So WE attacked THEM at Fort Sumter?

    No it all makes sense......


    1. They were occupying it illegally anyway, of course conveniently forgotten.

      Ft. Sumter: No Federal Right To Occupy
      “South Carolina in 1805 (Statutes at Large,
      Volume V, p. 501) provided as follows in regard to the cessions in Charleston Harbor:

      “That, if the United States shall not, within three years from the passing of this act, and notification thereof by the governor of this
      State to the Executive of the United States, repair the fortifications now existing thereon, or build such other forts or fortifications as may be
      deemed most expedient by the Executive of the United States on the same, and keep a garrison or garrisons therein, in such case this grant or
      cession shall be void and of no effect.”

      It may be on interest to state that Fort Sumter not only was not completed within the three-year limit stipulated in the contract, but
      was not completed in 1861 when Major Anderson transferred his garrison from Fort Moultrie. Moreover, it had never been garrisoned until he
      occupied it. So that, having neither been completed not garrisoned according to the contract, either within the three years specified time, or,
      for that matter, by 1861, Major Anderson occupied a piece of property that the United States had not the vestige of a right to occupy, and
      which was under the ownership, jurisdiction, and sovereignty of the State of South Carolina exclusively.

      More at link.