Tuesday, July 22, 2014

1 in 5 illegal aliens crossing our border has a criminal record

Via avordvet


Nearly eight years ago, I wrote The Third World Cometh…and Soon. The third world has now arrived, and America - as you and I know it - is all but gone.

 The Obama-engineered “humanitarian” border crisis is the latest shameful example of just how far the government that is supposed to protect its own citizens will go, in order to further the total destruction of a once great nation.  Once again the politically correct have pulled out a well-worn page from their playbook to implore that it is “for the children”- children who are “undocumented”.

Many of these so-called “undocumented children” are disease ridden with scabies, lice and worse. In addition, it has been reported that a number of them are teenagers who are members of criminal gangs such as MS13 or members of jihadist terrorist groups.


  1. Just my opinion here but lets do the math. With all these criminal types coming to USA, they will need work(in their line of business which is theft, murder, drugs, prostution, etc.) That means we pay and pay and pay. We pay through loss of property. Loss of life and limb. Loss of tax dollars on many levels. Loss of resources. WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR ALL OF THIS? I hope nobody believes the criminals are going to change their ways and work mininmum wage jobs. What are we going to do with this mess? God help us.

    1. Well, Obama and his cohorts are hoping for a full collapse, by we shall persevere.