Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Man killed in his home during police raid over $2 worth of marijuana: Raiding homes for drugs is "not an exact science," says the chief.

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(Source: Bison Films)

A man was shot to death in his bedroom by a SWAT team that had stormed in uninvited looking for contraband plants.  The violence — which netted only trace amounts of illegal vegetation — adds another casualty to the death toll in America’s bloody Drug War.

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The raid occurred the night of May 27th, 2014, in the Tampa neighborhood of Seminole Heights.  Jason Westcott, 29, and his housemate were asleep in separate rooms when the Tampa SWAT team arrived to search the premises.

Police claimed that they knocked, received no answer, then barged in when they discovered the door was unlocked.  The individual sleeping on the couch was quickly detained and the intruders made their way to Mr. Westcott’s bedroom.

In the split-second confusion of being jarred awake by strange noises, Westcott picked up his pistol in a futile effort to defend himself.  It would be the last decision he ever made.  Police skillfully entered his sleeping quarters and opened fire on the man that supposedly “threatened the officers.”

More with video @ Police State USA


  1. Two bucks worth of weed and a dead civilian sounds like a great day in law enforcement time for a celebration Starbucks and doughnuts all around.


  2. I am becoming more and more hostile toward our so-called law enforcement officers. Those men should be tried and hung for murder. Carried out by the next weekend. This must stop.