Friday, July 25, 2014

For Sioux from T: Gary Moore and Jeff Healey

Here are 2 guitarists that Stevie Ray considered to be among the best in the world ever, Gary Moore, from Ireland  and the band Thin Lizzie   This is one of his last performances, before he died of toxic alcohol poisoning......
and Jeff Healey from Canada this performance is actually with Stevie................
Jeff died of complications  of diabetes heart failure and alcohol.
Both Gary Moore and Jeff Healey, have some of the very best covers of SRV stuff ever.  There is suppose to be  bootlegged footage of SRV Jeff and Gary all together on stage. I haven't ever found it but I continue to look. 3 of the best all gone too soon.


  1. WOW - thank you so much - I have never heard Gary Moore before, and he was fantastic!!! Ohh, the wild and tortured soul of the Irishman ( He was 58 when he died, which sure is too young. He burned his wick much faster than most. Here is one of his live performances that look like was about four years before this one you have posted.

  2. Healey is no slouch either - such an energetic Canadian ! Very impressive.

  3. So very glad that y'all enjoyed the songs. Gary Moore, like my friends Mark Knopfler and Richard Bennette have all been a huge influence on me, though I have to struggle repeatedly to learn their solos.Such is their true genius............I have almost everything Gary Moore ever put out, If you get the chance Sioux check out Gary Moore Monsters of rock on you tube, also his Blues tribute. You will never regret watching either one. I would suggest not watching his last performance though. He was so troubled and annoyed during the filming, it is like he knew he was about to die.
    He has a young son Jack who is following in his footsteps, and the kid is going to be killer good as he matures.
    I wish I had sent a better Jeff Healey link, because the one I sent does not show his genius. I saw him live and to see a blind man play guitar like a piano and run all over the stage was totally amazing.
    Once again, it makes me very happy to turn someone on to the music of Gary Moore, glad you enjoyed it. Hope you did as well Brock.
    Your Osage friend