Thursday, July 31, 2014

Why Is Washington Risking War With Russia?


As The Nation has warned repeatedly, the unthinkable may now be rapidly unfolding in Ukraine: not just the new Cold War already under way but an actual war between US-led NATO and Russia. The epicenter is Ukraine’s eastern territory, known as the Donbass, a large industrial region heavily populated by Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizens and closely tied to its giant neighbor by decades of economic, political, cultural and family relations.

The shoot-down of Malaysian jetliner MH17 on July 17 should have compelled the US-backed government in Kiev to declare a prolonged cease-fire in its land and air attacks on nearby cities in order to honor the 298 victims, give international investigators safe access to the crash site, and begin peace talks. Instead, Kiev, with Washington’s backing, immediately intensified its attacks on those residential areas, vowing to “liberate” them from pro-Russian “terrorists,” as it brands resisters in eastern Ukraine, killing more innocent people. In response, Moscow is reportedly preparing to send heavy weapons to the “self-defenders” of the Donbass.


  1. Great Graphic - says it all [

  2. Up front and for the record, I am NOT in any way a fan of Putin. I don't trust the Russians at all. Are we clear here? Good. Now....
    I do have to speak up and say that I do see things from their point of view. Take that above graph, and replace all the NATO flags with a NAZI flag. Get the idea? If you were a Russian looking at the same graph, you would be saying the same thing: Oh Shit! And be equally worried, mistrustful and piss-off at the FUSA .

    1. Absolutely, and I wouldd rather have Putin beside me than Obama.