Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Friend of The Family Responds To Sons Of Guns Arrest

 Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics

I met Jim Fuller at the Rifle Dynamics AK build course in Jacksonville, NC earlier this year. He strikes me as a man who loves freedom, who loves to teach, and who thoroughly enjoys his job. As we say down home, “He’s good people.”

Jim became friends of the Haydens and the staff at Red Jacket Firearms because of their early shared interest in building quality AKM rifles. He even appeared on their show.

Because of the relationship between Jim Fuller and the people at the center of the recent criminal complaint against Will Hayden, many people have asked Jim if the allegations are true. Jim is of course in no position to have any first-hand knowledge, but the sheer volume of questions made him want to say something, and so he posted this commentary on Facebook last night (We’ve added paragraph breaks to make it a little easier to read).

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