Sunday, August 31, 2014

CBM: One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer


  1. This party's starting down at the Chicken Shack!

  2. Amazingly, I am feeling a lot better - your recommendation about the wine really helped - However, I have been in misery for more than two weeks, so it really was time to feel better or consider amputation. I even walked on the track today, so there is hope for the ol' lady ;)

  3. Here's one from the saddest movie I ever saw:

    1. What is this?

      So here's my two cents on Nick's behavior currently on his social networks (It's him, he's not hacked). It's embarrassing, really. I know that recently he's been expressing concerns that he wants to end the "Pogo" image he's created himself, but this is the worst way to go about it. Rather than bow out with humility and gratitude towards the people who have supported him over the years, he would prefer to be vulgar and idiotic to exile most of his fanbase.

      Not only does this affect him, it affects the community. As it stands currently, I'm ashamed to even be associated with him. He's had similar, briefer moments like this previously that he's recovered from, but this recent outburst is too much. I'm getting sick of following someone who is civil and respectful one moment, then flips the switch and turns into a misogynistic internet troll the next.

      That being said, I'm not ending my channel because of this, and in fact I've been wanting to veer from Pogo's music for a long time, particularly because I saw this coming. And I still have all this unreleased, unfinished work! I just won't be keeping up with him anymore (If my upload history is any indication, I kinda haven't been for a while).

      TL;DR, Nick's jumped off the deep end again, nobody knows when he's coming back up, and I'm tired of helping him out of the water.

  4. Good Grief !!! I had no idea there was all this Pogo drama. I liked the Snow White and Alice in Wonderland songs. Then I saw this Dumbo version, and it reminded me of how sad the movie made me and I could never watch it again.