Sunday, August 31, 2014

Border Patrol agent fires at armed militia member

 Of, course, shoot first identify later........

 Must be a parody.
 "We really don't need the militia here........the Border Patrol, Texas Department of Public Safety and local law enforcement, there are enough agencies working to secure the border.

A Border Patrol agent pursuing a group of immigrants in a wooded area near the Texas-Mexico border on Friday fired several shots at an armed man who later identified himself as a militia member.

Border Patrol spokesman Omar Zamora said agents had been chasing a group of immigrants east of Brownsville Friday afternoon when an agent saw a man holding a gun near the Rio Grande. The agent fired four shots, but did not hit the man. The man then dropped his gun and identified himself as a member of a militia. Zamora said no other details were immediately available.

Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio, whose agency is involved in the investigation, said the incident occurred on private property and it appeared the man had permission to be there. He was not arrested, Lucio said.

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  1. They fired on them knowing who he was. If it was an illegal they wouldn't have taken 4 shots. Per obamas orders.... Just my opinion.

    1. . If it was an illegal they wouldn't have taken 4 shots. Per obamas orders

      Excellent point.

  2. They (DPS) had better accept militia's and incorporate them into their ops. This needs to be coordinated, else we lose good people in the rightful effort to stem the flow of illegals into this State.

    1. Certainly agree & "there are enough agencies working to secure the border." can be secured, though as my cousin who flew 120 missions over NV stated: Claymores.

    2. Claymores? Sounds good to me...