Sunday, August 31, 2014

NC:Governor McCrory Unveils "Operation Rebrand" For Common Core

Via NC Renegade

 "Governor Common Core? Stick a fork in McCrory for 2016. 
The Governor was already losing parents Right, Left and Center with his blind support of Common Core, but this rebrand he, Atkinson and Cobey are attempting to pull off? The Governor may have just put one of the biggest nails in his own 2016 coffin"


Last weekend, NC Superintendent Atkinson tipped her hand on the rebrand strategy for Common Core in North Carolina. This week on the same program, NCSPIN, Governor Pat McCrory repeated the same statements.

In the initial part of the conversation, McCrory made a weak dodge on testing and should be called out — all major tests are Common Core aligned. Hasn’t his Teach For America Alum and Education Advisor, Eric Guckian, told him that yet?

The NCSPIN host confirmed with Governor McCrory that the Governor has been “a big supporter of Common Core”. McCrory answered, ” I am a supporter of Common Core but I also recognize the testing aspect needs some revision and change.”

McCrory continued and here’s where the cat is now out of the rebrand bag:    

“The title of the bill of Common Core says we’re eliminating Common Core. If you read the bill, it doesn’t eliminate Common Core. It reviews Common Core and only the State Board of Education – with Bill Cobey as its chairman – can change Common Core.”

                                                    More with video @ Lady Liberty 1885


  1. I was all in behind McCrory when he ran for office then the day after he was inaugurated he showed up here in New Bern to hold a press conference. There was an enthusiastic group who had supported him in attendance. (I saw it on TV).
    When he allowed questions several people at once asked what he was going to do about Obama Care. With a scowl on his face reminiscent of an elementary school teacher he threw up his left hand in a HALT gesture and proclaimed "IT"S THE LAW OF THE LAND!"

    I was pretty much finished with him right there on the spot. I keep hoping he'll live up in some way to my expectations but he just keeps acting like a democrat in a business suit. CH

    1. he just keeps acting like a democrat in a business suit

      Thanks and precisely.

  2. Ya'll may forget his 2 key campaign organizers who were both in their 20s, and after his win he gave them jobs in the state, then shortly thereafter promoted their pay to ruffly 100k each over what they were making... I forget the actual details as I don't keep up on this stuff much, but I member reading about it.

    Now I ask this question about the State Board of Education, as well as any other State board such as Insurance.

    Where in the wild world of sports did the people ever let the state have the authority to have sole power over these agencies? They are accountable to No One! Thinking they are accountable to the legislature is a big joke.... So big I won't go into details. They are not accountable to the governor or the courts either. It must be that once appointed they are free to do what they wish and in complete disregards of the people, unless they actually break a state or federal law.

    I could tell you things from being in Raleigh on these agencies that would make your blood boil. They are far different in scope and authority than the public is led to believe, and there is infinitely more money involved than the public is aware of... It's the state level of the real *Buddy System*. And they do work in concert with DC memorandums.

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  3. So; ya'll think ya'll can fix such a big mess?
    I know you can't...
    But I also understand we gotta try...

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  4. I don't vote any more. That hasn't been any good since 1860.
    We keep trying until we run out of bullets and then rocks...
    And then we always keep trying until we run out of words.
    Ya can't think you can beat evil following principled rules, such as the ballot box.
    Ya can't think you can even compromise with evil, cuz you can't.
    Evil, which is what these people are, can only be reasoned with one way, and that is ALL evil has ever understood since the dawn of mankind.

    Think about this for a minute; Humanity is composed of 2 entirely different types of people, namely labelled; good and bad, givers and takers, rational and irrational, mannered and ill-mannered, just and unjust, righteous and self-righteous, and the list can be greatly expanded. We call this difference of mankind the *Duality of man*.

    What one group will see as freedom the other group will see as slavery. What one group sees as righteousness, the other group will see self-righteousness or unrighteousness. What one group sees as good the other sees as evil or bad, and the list goes on.

    Now this begs the question; If these two groups of people can never be satisfied together, why should they be together in the first place? Which begs the larger question; If we must live together who is to be whose slave and master? Which begs even the larger question; If they can't agree on who is to be slave and master, how is to be determined? Remember this is regards to there not being any honest or compromisable agreements as each distrusts the other. Neither is gonna agree to being a slave anyhow... So how is this to be settled? As I said any voting is useless... Not only is it useless, it actually plays into the favor of the other side.

    Now any one of ya'll feel free to tell me how this can be settled... At this point I am all ears and eyes since I have got you this far....

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  5. McCrory's allegiance to Duke Energy did it with me. Another politician to protect
    corporations some of the biggest blood suckers on Earth.

  6. Money is the root of all evil...
    It was the REAL cause of 1860-1865, and it has been the cause of the downfall of the usa ever since. Ya didn't think it was gonna get any better did'ya? Ya'll voting seems to indicate that you think it will get better... Just remember, there ain't a dime's worth of difference between'em....

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur