Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hey Black People: Don’t you ever get tired of being suckers?

1.  You get to pay into Social Security even though your average life span for males means you will be dead before you collect a dime.  All those rich White Women in Florida thank you.  But your friends in the Democratic party are certain that Social Security must be preserved.  Well, maybe they need to adjust the retirement age up, and the tax rate up… So more of you die first.

2.  You are mostly all died-in-the wool Democratic party supporters.  The same party that also universally supports Planned Parenthood, an organization that was founded on the premise that there are too many black children being born and they need a way to cut that back.

3.  You universally support the Democratic party, the same party that supports universal gun control.  Gun control laws were established in the USA as a way to control black populations and prevent them from acting effectively in self defense.  How’s that working out for you now that most of you live in the most dangerous neighborhoods in America.  Places police won’t go because universally Democratic party mayors won’t make their Democratic party supporting Union police officers go there.


  1. Thanks for the link.

  2. Lyndon Johnson's quotes should be taught to blacks every year during Black History Month.