Thursday, September 4, 2014

Texas Border Ranchers Fear for Their Lives and Families – Ask Veterans for Help

........Rusty describes Border Patrol intercepting Muslim men from Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and says "when they [Border Patrol] take them in, they'll disappear - they'll take them somewhere - and even the records will disappear. And I asked one of them 'what's the deal on the records' and he said 'that's an order from way up the line, up in DC - they don't want anybody to know how many are coming through'...they [the local Border Patrol agents] keep records but the records disappear, out of the mainframe - out of the computer - and the paper records too."
Texas border rancher vows to stand and fight the cartels, saying “There’s no backup in me” and calls on Texas veterans to join him in stopping the cartels from taking over Texas ranches along the border with Mexico.
These bastards [cartel members] are going through the valley, alright? They’re sending people up to Houston, St. Louis, any town where they’ve got a population over ten people, and they’re going up North to your backyards, moving in next door to you, they’re gonna be your neighbors, and think about it, if you’re doing shift work, and you go to work at night, or you’re going to the bowling league, and your wife and kids, your grandkids, are at home, these self-same guys are gonna walk in on your family. What the hell are you gonna do about it?
You gonna come home, outside of crying are you gonna do anything, are you gonna do something now, before it gets to that point? I’m doing my crying all the day. Everyday. That’s my message to them. They’re going to your backyard. You’ve got a chance to stop em. Do you stand back, or do you go forward? There’s no backup in me. I want somebody to join me. Don’t backup to these bastards. Don’t. We got too much to lose. Don’t lose as much as I have, please. [in reference to his relatives in Mexico, who were recently killed by the cartel]. 
– Texas Rancher “Rusty” Monsee
More with video @ Oathkeepers


  1. Of course, the US gets the scum of the Earth. All American's need to take a
    stand against this invasion. As far as I am concerned, this is an act of war.
    These walking scum seem to have carte blanche. The two commies, Holder &
    Odumbo have a plan to totally reconstruct America which is to dilute the White race.

    1. Agreed, no question about it in my mind and should be so in every other liberty- loving individual.