Thursday, September 4, 2014

NC: American Extremist Reveals His Quest to Join ISIS

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Don Morgan
              From this                                            to                                                 this?


Just a few weeks ago a Catholic-born, American man –- a former military school student, special
forces aspirant, law enforcement officer and bodybuilder -- set off on a path far from any he’d envisioned for himself as a kid in North Carolina: on the other side of the world, in Lebanon, he was trying to figure out how to get into Syria and join ISIS, the most radical, bloodthirsty terrorist group of our times. 

Don Morgan, 44, said he was answering a higher calling. 

“It was months and months and months of asking Allah to guide me or to give me the answers I needed,” he told NBC News in an exclusive interview this summer in Beirut.

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  1. reading this young man's story on other websites, I didn't see anything about where he became so well-informed about Islam. Was it high school or what?

  2. it appears that steroids shrink your brain as well as your testicles. CH

  3. In a way, I can understand the draw of becoming a Satan worshiper in this cult.

    Especially for males, as the outlets for everything that males are engineered to do is restricted in our "civilization". Our competitive edge isn't fulfilled anymore, with no hunting and gathering. Everything at our fingertips with almost no exertion of energy.

    Of course, becoming a jihadist is the extreme, as it centers on the glorification of death and destruction. When I first read that the UK had so many converts and fighters in the middle east it wasn't surprising to me. You squash someone long enough that the dark side and it's enticements will become too strong to resist. Especially if there is no foundation of God and His Word to begin with.

    1. Our competitive edge isn't fulfilled anymore, with no hunting and gathering.

      Good point, at least for most people.

  4. My mountain men uncles in WNC would have said, "He needs killin'. And so say I.

  5. i wish people would stop calling him a "special forces aspirant". He never took any physical steps to joining special forces, like joining the Army. He is 44. Not a kid. He had his whole life to do that and didn't.

    1. He should have gone straight in after graduating from high school. Looks like he couldn't pass a NG bootcamp which is mind boggling in itself and even more so considering the fact that he graduated from a military school/academy as an officer. I can't find which one though and many of the uniforms are familiar, but it may have been Oak Ridge. OK, just found it on Facebook and it was Oak Ridge.

  6. Well, he's on the highway to hell.

    More sooner than later.